Ditch the Period Shame!

Ditch the Period Shame!

Understand Your Body & Optimize Wellbeing_ The Power of Period Tracking

Have you ever felt like your period operates on its own mysterious schedule, leaving you scrambling for tampons and predicting its arrival like a celestial event? Fear not, cycle friend! Understanding your unique rhythm is key to unlocking a world of self-knowledge and well-being. So, let's crack the cycle code together and learn how to calculate your menstrual cycle like a pro!

Ditch the Shame

First things first, let's ditch the shame and secrecy surrounding our periods. They're a natural, essential part of life for many, and tracking them provides a wealth of information beyond just knowing when Aunt Flo might pay a visit. Think of it as your own personalized biohacking tool, offering insights into your energy levels, mood swings, and even creativity.

Did you know that, some researchers believe our menstrual cycles played a crucial role in the development of calendars! As ancient humans observed monthly bleedings, they might have started tracking lunar cycles, leading to the concept of months and seasons.

Researchers found the Ishango notched bone in northeastern Zaire and is estimated to be 20,000 years old. The markings on the bone are believed to track the lunar phase in relation to the menstrual cycle.

“The Ishango notched bone and similar artifacts originated with a woman’s need for a lunar calendar to keep track of her monthly cycles. It is generally conceded that women were the first agriculturalists, and in that capacity they may have needed a lunar calendar,”
— Claudia Zaslavsky

Unlock Your Inner Biohacker_

Calculating your cycle length is surprisingly simple (and way more empowering than relying on those unreliable period trackers):

  • Mark Your Calendar

    We all wish Aunt Flo showed up like clockwork, but let's be honest, life tends to be a bit messier. Don't worry about fancy planners or color-coded systems (unless that sparks joy for you!). Grab a pen or even your phone notes and scribble down the first day of your period. This is your starting point, and you can also include the physical and emotional symptoms you experienced. Repeat these for a few months to notice patterns that can arise.

  • Count the Days
    Now, track the days until your next period arrives. It might be 28 days like clockwork, or it could be a wild adventure between 21 and 35 days. Don't stress if it's not perfect, it's all part of your unique rhythm. Think of it like tracking your sleep – sometimes you get 8 hours, sometimes you get 5. However, if you do feel concerned about the irregularities do feel empowered to reach out to your healthcare provider.They can provide you with the needed support to uncover the why and cause of these changes.

  • Repeat & Refine
    Here's the thing_ getting a clear picture of your cycle takes time, sometimes up to 6 months but remember, cycles can be like snowflakes – no two are exactly alike. Think of it like learning a new language_ it takes time and practice. Celebrate the ups and downs as you get to know your body's natural rhythm.

Embrace Your Cycle, Empower Yourself_

Remember, knowledge is power, even if it's messy and imperfect. By tracking your cycle, you're learning to listen to your body and understand its unique language. Be kind to yourself, celebrate the small wins, and remember, you're not alone in this cycle adventure!

Share your cycle tracking experiences in the comments!

Share your cycle tracking experiences in the comments!

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