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Our menstrual cycles are a natural part of life. Yet for many of us, menstruation can be a source of discomfort, anxiety, and even shame. We may even feel like our bodies are betraying us, or that we are somehow broken. 

We want to change that narrative. We believe that we all deserve to experience comfort, confidence, and a sense of connection throughout the phases of our menstrual cycle. 

Hooyo, our natural soothing body oil is made with a curated blend of organic essential oils that have been traditionally used to holistically support menstrual health and promote relaxation and well-being.
Ayan - founder of arum.care
Hooyo" means "mother" in Somali, a name that resonates deeply with me, as our soothing body oil embodies the nurturing and empowering essence that connects us to the wisdom passed from one generation to another.

As someone who believes in the power of nature, I created Hooyo to be more than just a period relief solution. It's a way to reconnect with our bodies natural rhythm and experience true holistic well-being that goes beyond the stigmas that have made us believe that our periods are dirty and a curse..

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