Pain, Patience, and the Power of Our Stories

Pain, Patience, and the Power of Our Stories

The Cycle of Searching for Answers

A few months ago, I found myself back in my doctor's office, determined to crack the code of the stabbing pain in my lower abdomen. We'd already tried an ultrasound a few months prior, hoping for a clear diagnosis – PCOS or something else? Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple.

Endometriosis: A Possibility I Never Considered

As I described the pain and helplessness I felt, my doctor offered a surprising theory_ endometriosis. Having built, a menstrual wellness brand, I'd heard countless stories about this condition – the ER visits, the surgeries, the anxieties about family planning, and the debilitating pain. Endometriosis just hadn't been on my radar for my own struggles.

An image showing Endometriosis of an ovary

Sure, I'd experienced my fair share of period horror stories_ middle-of-the-night bathroom dashes, battling cramps and nausea, workdays ruined by pain, and even days spent in bed feeling like a kitten had gone rogue inside me. But my pain, though bad, never seemed to reach the level I associated with endometriosis.

More Questions Than Answers - The MRI

This doctor visit, like many others on my journey to understand my body and my period, ended with more questions than answers. This time, I left with an MRI prescription and a wave of confusion.

The Emotional Toll of the Medical Maze

Seeking solace, I sat at a cafe. Rain lashed against the windows, mirroring the turmoil within me. The frustration of normalized period pain and the expectation of silence about such a fundamental aspect of our health was overwhelming.


A Not so welcoming Journey

Fast forward a few weeks. I was in Paris, navigating the tree-lined streets prepped for my pelvic MRI. While festive decorations filled the city, I felt anything but jolly. Stripped down in a sterile changing room, I felt oddly vulnerable. Thankfully, a kind technician explained the process, offering a human touch in a sterile environment.

The constant whirring of the machine took over during the 20-minute scan. Afterwards, I waited for the doctor to analyze the results.

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