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Is Your Period Cramping Your Style?

Ditch the discomfort and embrace your flow with Hooyo the soothing organic body oil that's got your back.

Hooyo is a botanical blend of organic essential oils and CBD, providing your body with a natural alternative your period has been craving for.



Hear What Our Testers Are Saying About Hooyo

This oil is miraculous! It smells so good and really soothes my menstrual cramps! A little bonus, it helps me sleep. I can't live without it.

- Victoria
Nov.12th 2023

The smell creates a sense of relaxation and the roller ball makes it easy to apply, I started rubbing it on other areas of pain to get some relief.

Dec.23th 2023

In addition to drastically reducing my pain, I was able to reconnect with my body and my precious stomach.

Oct.19th 2023

Tired of feeling out of sync with your cycle?

You're not alone!

But what if your period could be a source of power, self-discovery, and well-being?

Our FREE Holistic Menstrual Wellness Guide is your key to unlocking that magic. Inside, you'll find_

  • Inside, you'll discover_

    • Simple yoga practices to balance your cycle and boost your well-being

    • Delicious smoothie recipes that nurture your body with each phase's unique needs

    • Mindful tips to cultivate self-compassion and embrace your cycle's power

Get your FREE Guide today and embark on a journey of self-discovery
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  • HOOYO's got your back (literally!). Our blend of soothing essential oils and CBD works by putting nature’s magic to work to ease discomfort such as stress,cramps and bloating. It's gentle, effective, and the perfect touch of nature's wisdom to soothe the ebb & flow of your cycle.

  • We're all about quality and care. HOOYO uses ethically sourced, organic ingredients from Europe and Switzerland. Plus, our unique blend of essential oils and CBD works together for holistic relief, empowering you to naturall manage your cycle with ease.

  • HOOYO is your on-the-go comfort companion. Our easy-to-use roll-on bottle lets you apply the oil anytime, anywhere. Simply glide it over your lower abdomen, back, temples, or feet, and let the calming blend work its magic. For extra TLC, massage it in after a hot shower or bath and pair it with deep breathing or meditation. Embrace the natural path to period peace!

Our Mission

We are a design-focused brand that believes in building with you and not just for you.

Created with Care

Rooted in the feedback of over 200 menstruators, Hooyo was meticulously crafted and rigorously tested with our community to ensure its effectiveness.

Nature’s Gentle Touch

Our ethically sourced, organic body oil harnesses nature's wisdom to provide soothing comfort, allowing you to embrace the ebb and flow of your cycle with ease.

Understanding Your Cycle_

We've been there, too. After years of experiencing painful periods we were inspired to create a natural solution, not just for ourselves but for all menstruators.

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